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  • What is the whole procedure of occasional lease?

    If the tenant has chosen the apartment he wants to rent but does not have an additional address to indicate in the event of eviction, you should: 1. buy the address statement 2. show the statement to the landlord and sign an occasional rental agreement with him. 3. print out the documents received and go with them to the notary to submit to execution under Art. 777 of the Code of Civil Procedure. 4 With these three documents in hand, you can proceed with the procedure of handing over the premises and move into the apartment of your choice.

  • How soon after payment do you send the statement?

    An affidavit issued without notarization is issued up to 24 h while a notarized affidavit is issued within a maximum of two working days after receiving the correct data necessary to complete in the affidavit. However, it is usually one business day.

  • How much does an address statement cost?

    The fee for the statement is a one-time fee of PLN 399. with a notarized signature or 299 with the signature of the property owner. This cost is for all persons included in the contract. The statement is valid for the duration of the contract.

  • What data will be needed to prepare the statement?

    Three types of data are needed to prepare the statement: 1. the name of the property owner or owners (those persons who appear in the lease agreement 2. address of the rental property (street/street number/apartment number/zip code/city) 3. the name of the person or persons renting the apartment (we enter the persons included in the rental agreement)

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