The type of occasional lease agreement requires tenants to submit a statement of voluntary submission to execution filed under a notarial deed. Importantly, in this agreement, the tenant is required to indicate an additional address where he can go in case any problems arise after the expiration or termination of the agreement. In this way, the landlord can initiate enforcement proceedings almost immediately – without the need for lengthy lawsuits and waiting for the municipality to provide temporary housing (as in the case of a regular lease).

What data should the occasional lease agreement contain?

  1. Accurate designation of the parties to the agreement – the lessor and the lessee
  2. Indication of the duration of the lease (not more than 10 years)
  3. Determination of the rent, the date and method of its payment
  4. Signatures of the parties




  • possibility of early termination of the lease
  • contractual penalties for non-performance or improper performance of contractual obligations by either party
  • principles of liability for damage caused to leased property
  • additional obligations of the lessor

Documents of the occasional lease agreement

  1. Occasional lease agreement
  2. Attachment No. 1: Tenant’s statement of submission to the regime of execution for vacating and surrendering the premises
  3. Attachment No. 2: indicating by the Tenant another premises to which to move in the event of execution. Buy address
  4. Attachment No. 3: statement of the owner mentioned in appendix. No. 2 of another premises, containing a written agreement for the Tenant to reside therein.

Does the occasional lease provide security?

The occasional lease protects when a tenant fails to pay rent, violates provisions in the agreement or refuses to move out after the expiration of the occasional lease. The occasional rental agreement, by law, is concluded for a fixed term, and the tenant is obliged to indicate the address to which he will move out when the agreement comes to an end, or is terminated for violation of its provisions.

What is the sequence of procedures before and after entering into an occasional rental agreement?

  1. The tenant shall provide the landlord with a notarized statement of the owner of the premises to which the tenant will be able to move out after the termination of the lease relationship. Buy address.
  2. The parties sign an occasional rental agreement.
  3. The tenant shall make a statement in the presence of a notary in which he submits himself to execution and undertakes to vacate and surrender the premises leased under the occasional lease agreement on the date specified by the landlord.
  4. The lessor, within 14 days of signing the contract, is required to report its conclusion to the head of the tax office.


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