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Indication of address


Statement on indication of address for occasional lease agreement – PDF document with qualified electronic signature

Buying this statement of address for occasional rental agreement - you will receive from us a PDF document with a qualified electronic signature.

Necessary information, needed for the issuance of the document, which you will enter in the form after paying for the product:

  • Names of Property Owners who appear in the lease agreement

  • Names and surnames of landlords who appear in the rental agreement (if more than one person - enter all persons included in the agreement)

  • Date of conclusion and termination of the lease agreement

  • The exact address of the rental property

Steps of purchase

When buying a statement on the indication of the address for the occasional rental agreement, depending on the choice of product - you will receive from us a document with the signature of the property owner or notarized electronically or the original by post, parcel locker or courier.


Paying the address

Choose a statement of address with notarization or signature of the property owner. Pay for your order online.

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Filling out the form

When placing an order, fill in the form with the appropriate data: name and surname of the property owner, address of the rented apartment and name of the tenant.

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Waiting for a statement

After verifying the correctness of the data, within 2 working days we send a notarized statement in PDF form by e-mail or the original by post, parcel locker or courier.


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