Steps of purchase

When buying a statement on the indication of the address for the occasional rental agreement, depending on the choice of product - you will receive from us a document with the signature of the property owner or notarized electronically or the original by post, parcel locker or courier.


Paying the address

Choose a statement of address with notarization or signature of the property owner. Pay for your order online.

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Filling out the form

When placing an order, fill in the form with the appropriate data: name and surname of the property owner, address of the rented apartment and name of the tenant.

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Waiting for a statement

After verifying the correctness of the data, within 2 working days we send a notarized statement in PDF form by e-mail or the original by post, parcel locker or courier.

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Occasional rent and address indication

Occasional lease is a special type of residential lease agreement, in which you will find a notarized provision that says that the tenant can be quickly executed by a bailiff, vacate the premises and be removed. The type of occasional lease agreement requires tenants to submit a statement of voluntary submission to execution filed under a notarial deed. Importantly, in this agreement, the tenant is required to indicate an additional address where he can go in case any problems arise after the expiration or termination of the agreement. In this way, the landlord can initiate enforcement proceedings almost immediately – without the need for lengthy lawsuits and waiting for the municipality to provide temporary housing (as in the case of a regular lease).

What we offer

We provide a service through which tenants can sign an occasional rental agreement, that is, one with the indication of an additional address.

Our company owns the property where the tenant will be able to live in the event of eviction. We issue a statement in which we agree to let the tenant live in our property. We make such a statement in PDF form with a qualified electronic signature.


Have you found an apartment?

(and the landlord requires the signing of an occasional lease)

Are you looking for an apartment?

(but you already know that landlords require you to sign an occasional lease)



Buy address statement at



At the time of purchase, fill in all the necessary details of the rental apartment


At the time of purchase, check the box in the form still looking for an apartment (or if you do not yet know the required data of the apartment you are renting)



Expect up to two days for a notarized statement of address (statement will be sent via email)


Expect up to two days to receive a statement of address with a blank designated space for later entry of the address (the statement will be sent by email).
Once you find an apartment, enter its data in the statement (let us know if you want to notarize it).



Go with an affidavit to sign a contract with the owner of the rented apartment. (Show him the statement) Go with the rental agreement you signed and the statement of address to a notary to submit to execution under Art. 777 of the Code of Civil Procedure. READY!


Do you own an apartment?



When renting an apartment, find a suitable tenant for your apartment and sign an occasional lease agreement with him for a fixed term (not more than 10 years)



The tenant will be required to indicate the address of another property where he can live in the event of eviction. If it does not have such an address – we come to your aid by providing the address indication service.



We issue a statement in which we agree for the tenant to live in one of our properties.



We are the owner of the property where the tenant will be able to live if you were forced to carry out his eviction from your property.



The lessee must also submit a statement to a notary in which he voluntarily submits to enforcement pursuant to Art. 777 k. p. c. and will undertake to vacate and surrender the premises by the date specified in the enforcement demand.



When the tenant has the documents purchased from us and the notary will submit to enforcement, you as the owner of the apartment can feel safe! Also check out our partner’s additional security Rendin.


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